Done with teaching for 2012!

The first edition of the Programming Evolutionary Biology course Leipzig is being really a great experience!

really tired, but almost 15 days of intensive classes. The 25 students really make an interesting and really nice devoted gang. The TAs are top quality and modules and lectures really good.

Considering my module (Phylogenomics), it was really a great experience and Rasmus is one of the best lectures I ever listened (although very young) reminding me the old classes on deriving equations on the blackboard but in an very understandable way. He come all way from Berkeley to spend an afternoon and morning teaching phylogenomics in the right way.

We are not inviting the lectures based mainly in their CV, but how deep they know and clearly can pass all that knowledge, so some students (from different areas) are not aware of their relevance in their respective field, but one student decided to look at his H-index. It happens to be 72 and he is perhaps my age.

So, being a very outstanding researcher and a very nice person and with time to travel between continents to teach students without getting paid and interact with students is possible to find in the same person.


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