We have reached more than 2400 visits and more than 1200 visitors!

Thanks to those that have visited us. After a period of summer inactivity we are now setting some changes and more active discussion on evolutionary biology and about our own work.

Nevertheless here are some statistics since the day we faced light (February 2012):

The country with more visitors is USA (this shows that these numbers are not determined by our own visits)= 605. Most of these from California. I wonder who is watching us frequently but I have no idea.

Then Portugal (274 different visitors); Germany (117); Spain (87); UK (37); Canada (17); Switzerland (16); France (10); Colombia and Denmark (both 6); Belgium and Finland (both 5).

In total we have visitors from 29 countries, spanning from Africa, Northern and Southern America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Thanks for passing by!

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