Master Tiago!

Early this month Tiago Carvalho defended his master thesis at CIBIO on the topic:

“A trial of karyotypic microdissection as an enrichment pathway for next-generation sequencing”

A fantastic work by Tiago. He was probably one of the few students that was hired to do a PhD even before he finished the master. This reflects the great quality of his work, maturity and self-driving, something very unique for the master students around. Amazingly, he got only 17 as final classification, while many students have more without these important qualities. This paradox on students evaluation should make us think on what skills are we evaluating.

Although I was only the co-supervisor it was a pleasure to work with him. I learned a lot and I hope we can continue collaborating. Finally, I hope you can correct this evaluation unfairness during your PhD!

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