A very interesting symposium in ESEB2013. Hope to see you in Lisbon in August 2013.

Dear Colleagues,

As a part of the XIV Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary
Biology, which will be held in Lisbon from the 19th  to 24th August 2013,
we are pleased to announce a symposium on "Genomic Islands: their role
in adaptation and speciation". Details of the symposium are below, and
we will be accepting abstract submissions until the 28th February 2013.

Genomic Islands: their role in adaptation and speciation

Keynote Speakers:
Jeffery Feder (http://federlab.nd.edu/)
Mark Kirkpatrick (http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/kirkpatrick_lab/K/home.html)
Patrik Nosil (http://nosil-lab.group.shef.ac.uk/)

Genome-wide data offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight into
the genomic architecture involved in the adaptive divergence found
in heterogeneous environments which can lead to local adaptation,
reproductive isolation and ultimately speciation. By considering a range
of species and approaches, this symposium will explore the interactions
of diversifying selection and homogenizing gene flow to identify
trends in genomic evolution which accompany adaptation and ecological
speciation. The symposium will focus on both theory and empirical data
to assess the importance (or otherwise) of genomic islands of divergence.

We are particularly keen to cover the whole of this process within the
symposium, and so want to highlight that the symposium doesn't just focus
on speciation, but also the genomic architecture of local adaptation.

To register and submit your abstract for this symposium, please follow
the instructions on the congress website (https://eseb2013.com/).
We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you in Lisbon next year! Organising committee: Rui Faria, Sarah Helyar, Chris Jiggins, Gary Carvalho, Arcadi Navarro, Carole Smadja
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