Out of curiosity

I would think the most frequent visitors of this blog are ourselves. Curiously, no!

The site statistics show that by far the place from where we have most visitors is USA, California. More precisely Menlo Park. It is quite close to Palo Alto, where Stanford University is located. Is our number one fan an academic?

Certainly not! As a scientist we need to look at the facts with objectivity.  Hypothesis: 1; google; 2- apple; 3- facebook; 4- wordpress!

If this is the case, does this mean that these site statistics are not reliable or that BigBrother is watching us?

I also would like to live in a world where freedom is respected and our life is not monitored at every second. Therefore, I hope nobody is loosing time with us, as money to pay that person could be used for medical care for people without financial resources. However, if that is the case I hope they like our posts and have lots of coffee. Enjoy!

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