Santander Research Mobility Awards: Graciela’s visit to Sheffield

Santander Research Mobility Award to Graciela Sotelo

“The genetic architecture of adaptation in the intertidal realm: lessons from Littorina

Awarded by the Santander Foundation, during August 2014, I had the opportunity to visit the team of Roger Butlin at the Department of Animal and Plant Sciencies from the University of Sheffield (UK). This was done in the framework of a collaborative project, between Roger Butlin (UK) and Rui Faria (Portugal), that aims to unveil the mechanisms involved in parallel ecotype evolution using intertidal gastropods of the genus Littorina as model system. By comparing such mechanism across different species (the rough and flat periwinkles the focal taxa of each group, respectively), we hope to draw some general conclusions about the genomic architecture of adaptation. To do so, we are designing a genome-wide study based on capture sequencing.


More news about the results of this experiment during 2015!

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