Diana Costa

My main research interest is evolutionary biology and since the last year of my graduation, I have been involved in the project “The paths of parallel evolution and their genetic crossroads”, in which I did an internship, under the supervision of Dr. Rui Faria, aiming to gain professional experience as well as to improve my knowledge. The purpose of this project is to enlighten the nature of genetic variation responsible for parallel evolution and ecological speciation in the intertidal gastropod species Littorina fabalis, focusing in several areas such as ecology, morphology, genomics, transcriptomics and modeling.

Currently, in order to improve my skills and to learn more about these subjects, I am attending the Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution and I will develop my master’s thesis under the scope of this project, focusing my work in the study of the genetic and morphological differentiation between the different ecotypes of L. fabalis, as well as between the former and its sister species, L. obtusata, in several European shores.