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I finished my Diplom in Biology (M.Sc. in biology equivalent) in 2009 at the University of Cologne, Germany. I have been focused on marine/aquatic ecology, genetics and biochemistry. Within the scope of my diploma (master) thesis entitled “Growth and photophysiological response of benthic symbiotic foraminifera along a nutrient gradient on the Great Barrier Reef”, which I conducted at the Australian Institute of Marine Science in Townsville, Australia, I investigated the influence of enhanced nutrient levels and elevated temperatures on the growth rates and the photophysiological response of two abundant taxa of larger benthic foraminifera.

In 2011 I conducted a short research project under the supervision of Rui Faria studying the role of genetic information,  in habitat choice in three different ecotypes of Littorina fabalis (a marine intertidal gastropod), within the framework of a recent project entitled “The paths of parallel evolution and their genetic crossroads”.

Currently I’m working as a research assistant at the Institute of Biochemistry, University of Cologne, in the working group of Prof. Dr. U. Baumann, which is studying structural biology, X-ray crystallography, enzyme mechanism and structure-function relationships in proteolytic enzymes.

I ended my technician’s studies in 2005, and 4 years ago I began my work in ECIMAT, in the department of Genetics of populations with Emilio Rolán, where I specialized  in the study of marine snails, Littorina saxatilis, L. fabalis and L. obtusata, developing a system for their maintenance in laboratory.

In 2011 and 2012 I worked together with Rui Faria on the maintenance and control of the individuals in aquaria used in laboratory experiments in the marine station in Vigo (Ecimat).

I obtained my master degree in Applied Biology at the Universidade de Aveiro in 2011. The theme of my thesis was “The Gastropod Statolith” and the main objective was to characterize the statolith morphological and chemical structure in some marine gastropods species of interdidal and subtidal zone, and terrestrials, from Aveiro. Supervisor: Professor Doutor Carlos Miguel Miguez Barroso. In 2012, I conducted an internship in ECIMAT (Vigo, Spain) on the project “The paths of parallel evolution and their genetic crossroads”. The aim of this project was understand the role of habitat choice in the diversification of Littorina fabalis ecotypes. Supervisor: Rui Faria and Emílio Rolan-Alvarez. Research interests: Biodiversity; Ecology; Behavior ecology and Molecular ecology.


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