Rui Faria


I received my Ph.D degree from the University of Porto in 2007. Since then I have been conducting my postdoctorial research at IBE-University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain; and at CIBIO-University of Porto, Porto, Portugal. My research is primarily focused on the evolutionary genetics of reproductive isolation. In particular, I’m interested in understanding: the role of chromosomal rearrangements in speciation (chromosomal speciation); the mechanisms of adaptation and ecological speciation through the study of parallel evolutionary events; the architecture of genetic incompatibilities (genomic and regulatory network) in speciation, using a systems biology approach; and the role of phenotypic plasticity in evolution. Currently, I’m focused on the study of genomic information (including sequence and expression data) of several species (from mollusks to primates), as well as on simulation studies. My goal is to inspire an open and creative environment within the lab for pursuing the answers for relevant questions in many different areas within the field of evolutionary biology.

PS. Rui Faria is an associated member of CEMEB.