Santander Research Mobility Awards: Graciela’s visit to Sheffield

Santander Research Mobility Award to Graciela Sotelo

“The genetic architecture of adaptation in the intertidal realm: lessons from Littorina

Awarded by the Santander Foundation, during August 2014, I had the opportunity to visit the team of Roger Butlin at the Department of Animal and Plant Sciencies from the University of Sheffield (UK). This was done in the framework of a collaborative project, between Roger Butlin (UK) and Rui Faria (Portugal), that aims to unveil the mechanisms involved in parallel ecotype evolution using intertidal gastropods of the genus Littorina as model system. By comparing such mechanism across different species (the rough and flat periwinkles the focal taxa of each group, respectively), we hope to draw some general conclusions about the genomic architecture of adaptation. To do so, we are designing a genome-wide study based on capture sequencing.


More news about the results of this experiment during 2015!

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2014: the year of the master thesis for João and Andreia

The year that just finished was a very important year for Joao Carvalho and Andreia Reis who got their Master degree.

João, of whom I was the main supervisor, presented his thesis at the University of Lisbon on “Study on the diversification of flat periwinkles (Littorina fabalis and L. obtusata): insights from genetics and geometric morphometrics”

He was graded 19 (although he does not want us to say here)!

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Visit to the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales – CSIC

It was a great pleasure to give a talk at Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales – CSIC about our work and to meet lots of interesting people working there.

I guess they will make it available at some point again.


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Deadline for the Programming for Evolutionary Biology Course is tomorrow!

Don’t forget to apply to the forth edition!

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1st Programming for Evolutionary Biology goes to the Americas

A little more than one month for the 1st Programming for Evolutionary Biology goes to the Americas!

Excited to visit Colombia the first time!

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Last published manuscript based on an old data set

Sotelo G, Andree KB, López MA, Alexandrino P, Gisbert E, Faria R (2014) The puzzling demographic history and genetic differentiation of the twaite shad (Alosa fallax) in the Ebro River. Conservation Genetics 15, 1037–1052. (Lab work performed at IBE, University Pompeu Fabra, PRBB, Barcelona)

This is conservation genetics manuscript basically calling the attention for the capacity of populations to recover (somehow?!) from drastic reductions in size, bring some optimism that evolution often finds a way.

We would like that the title of the paper was “Tilting at windmills” but perhaps this would make some people really furious.

This alternative title, a sarcastic metaphor, was inspired on Miguel Cervantes famous characters D. Quijote and Sancho Panza.

De la famosa aventura del barco encantado1

“Por sus pasos contados y por contar2, dos días después que salieron de la alameda3 llegaron don Quijote y Sancho al río Ebro, y el verle fue de gran gusto a don Quijote, porque contempló y miró en él la amenidad de sus riberas, la claridad de sus aguas, el sosiego de su curso y la abundancia de sus líquidos cristales, cuya alegre vista renovó en su memoria mil amorosos pensamientos.


“—Pues así es —respondió Sancho— y vuestra merced quiere dar a cada paso en estos que no sé si los llame disparates, no hay sino obedecer y bajar la cabeza, atendiendo al refránIII: «Haz lo que tu amo te manda, y siéntate con él a la mesa6»; pero, con todo esto, por lo que toca al descargo de mi conciencia, quiero advertir a vuestra merced que a mí me parece que este tal barco no es de los encantados, sino de algunos pescadores deste río, porque en él se pescan las mejores sabogas del mundo7.”

Sabogas= Alosa fallax (Twaite Shad), the species we focused on this manuscript!

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Pool and conquer: A new (sort of) manuscript

Navarro’s style NEWS and VIEWS in MEC.

We cited two tv shows in a single  manuscript in Mol. Ecol ! My goal is now to cite Flying_Spaghetti_Monster in one of the upcoming manuscript. Getting the inspiration now.

Pool and conquer just to be in the opposite side of Napoleon, again!

Now seriously, read the original paper from  Kapun et al. 2014 in the same number!






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