Nina Séren

I completed my graduation in Biology at Faculdade de Ciências do Porto (2011), and later got my Master’s degree in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution at CIBIO-UP (2013). During my Master I gained experience in molecular evolution and functional divergence using several computational tools on genomic data of ubiquous metal-binding regulatory proteins – metallothioneins. I also performed the genetic part of an ecotoxicological assay in amphibian larvae to assess the sub-lethal effects in the transcription of these proteins (qtRT-PCR) when exposed to different temperatures and heavy metal concentrations.
Currently I am working on Lesser Egyptian Jerboa (Jaculus jaculus – figure below), a small rodent that shows diverse coloration patterns. I am focused in finding the molecular changes at candidate coloration genes (likely involved in intraspecific phenotype variation) under the supervision of Zbyszek Boratyński (PI of the project) and Rui Faria. I just want finalize by saying that I am interested in everything regarding evolutionary processes in life (but in animals are more fun), in participating in field expeditions (yes, that is a life goal!), and most importantly of all, to do research within an ecological framework because I think without ecological-based thinking…current world animal species (we included, of course) will have no future.

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